Baby A and Baby B

I was being monitored by my new high risk OB/GYN due to the fact that I was now having twins.  Also, was being monitored by a regular OB/GYN who will perform the delivery and they were both in communication with each other concerning the well being of my babies and myself.

From 9 weeks on, I had to go get an ultrasound done every week and see my OB/GYN every other week.  The reason being that early on, they found out that the babies were mono/di twins.  Meaning that they were identical.  They both were in separate sacs but shared one placenta.  The way the doctors explained it was that there were three different types.  First one being Fraternal twins (di/di) who are in two separate sacs and have two separate placenta and they were low risk.  Second one being Identical Twins, which I was and it was the second highest risk.  Third one being, mono/mono twins that they share a sac and a placenta and this was the highest risk.

The reason why I had to go in every week was to monitor that the babies do not develop Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).  Identical twins who share a placenta have blood connections inside the placenta. Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) happens when there are too many blood connections in one direction, causing an unequal flow of blood between the twins. One twin may receive too much blood and become overloaded with fluid, which puts a strain on his/her heart. This twin then squashes the other twin against the wall of the uterus. The other twin then receives too little blood and doesn’t grow well.
The baby receiving too much blood will try to get rid of the excess of fluid by producing more urine. As a result, that baby will have too much amniotic fluid around him/her, while the other twin will have little or none.

And this could happen at any time during the pregnancy, but most likely the symptoms start early.  I went in every week for an ultrasound to measure their fluid levels inside the sacs.  I looked forward to seeing them every week and witnessing them growing in front of my eyes was absolutely priceless.  I got to take home their ultrasound pictures to show my husband and needless to say I have a drawer full of ultrasound pictures of them!!

My tummy was definitely getting bigger quickly.  I had to start getting maternity clothes.  I ordered a bunch from different boutiques from Zulily that a friend told me about because I sure couldn’t find much at any stores that I went to.


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