TWO blessings!

This week has been pretty challenging.  But, as I think back on this week, I am perfectly content with where I am in life.  This week started off with a to do list which included folding loads of laundry, cleaning, bunch of other stuff that needed to get done and taking the girls out. On Monday, I was on top of my game.  Did all the laundry and folded but waited to keep it all where it needed to go thinking that I can do that in a while after the babies wake up from their nap.  They woke up, and I let them run around with out thinking and decided to make dinner.  With two 15 month old babies running around creating chaos and havoc, I just realized that I just let them run around the house, with all these folded laundry in the laundry baskets on the floor and after that they ran to the tupperware cabinet and then it was the shoe closet that I forgot to close the door.  In less that 10 minutes, my little stinkers managed to unfold all of the laundry and take out all of the tupperware and shoes and it looked like a tornado ripped through my house.

My first reaction was frustration, because all that hard work I just put into folding these clothes and putting all the tupperware from the dishwasher in the cabinet in the little time I have every day had just been ruined.  Then, I realized how much fun they were both having taking all the clothes from the basket and throwing it on the floor and as they were doing it they were giggling at each other and laughing.

How could I not enjoy listening to them laugh like that?  I had to step back and realize, you know what.. it’s just laundry and tupperware and shoes.  It can be picked up later.  My babies are growing up so fast and I may not get another moment to enjoy seeing them have so much fun with each other.

Then, I made it a goal to get out more with them during the week for the new year.  On Tuesday & Thursday, I took them to a local mall where they have this amazing playground called the Dinosaur Gulch.  I may have quietly cursed myself out for taking them by myself when they were both running in two different directions and there were 400 other little kids running around.  But, we survived! It was a supermom kind of a day!

So, as I think back on this week:

  1.  Patience- You just need a whole lot of it to be a parent.
  2. It’s okay to let go- Not everything is going to be in its place all the time, so it’s okay to let go a bit and actually enjoy your children.
  3. Enjoy the Supermom in you- Sometimes you just feel so confident to do something and you just do it.  No matter how hard, you will survive.
  4. Take it One Moment At  A Time!!

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